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Knowing all of your asset conditions by thermal pattern and measurement. Electrical, Mechanical and Electronics asset conditions is immediately known at exact location and level of severity.

We provide wide range of models, from most economics to high end explosion proof optical gas imaging cameras. Either Portable Hand-held or Fix Mounted cameras.

Reliability of your assets is our responsibility.

8 Pillars Industrial Inspection by Ultrasound

Do you have problems on: Mechanical (bearings, etc), Leaks, Lubrication, Hydraulics, Valves, Steam, Partial Discharges, and Tightness.

What is the problem? Why is it a problem? Can we get the result quickly?

Portable and/or permanent solutions to guarantee your machines always in prime conditions.

Courses and Competencies

All inspection required personnel who has competencies.

Foreman, supervisor and even engineering officers. All should have be a competent and skillful personnel.

We conducted courses by ITC Level 3 and Ultrasound Level 2 Instructor. Course materials not only in theories but also  experiments.

Repair, calibration and field verification

All measurement devices should routinely verified and calibrated.

We provide local calibration and repair and, if available, a replacement device while to ensure your inspection program is not delayed while waiting for repair process.

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